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by Marija Josifovska


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Selling land is rarely easy, but it certainly helps if you’re physically close by to coordinate repairs, approve paint colors, or drop by during your lunch break to check on things. However, if you’re trying to sell your land property out of state, you might not have that luxury. But, that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Selling land out of state will ultimately be liberating and, perhaps, beneficial to your finances, whether you are doing so because you inherited a plot of land on the other side of the country or because you are finally selling your unused parcel to start traveling the world. 

Let’s examine the steps involved in selling a real property long distance and the possibilities available to you. 

Why Sell Your Land Property Out of State?

People may need to sell land outside their home state for various reasons. For example, perhaps a family relative left you the property, but you don’t live nearby anymore. Selling the land may simplify your life if you don’t have any sentimental attachment to it.

In other situations, you might assist a friend or relative who needs to sell their property because of an illness, a divorce, or another family crisis. If a loved one comes to you in this position, you’d want to sell the land quickly and at a fair price.

You may also need to sell vacant land outside of your state if you’ve recently moved or plan to do so soon. For example, you intended to sell your land before moving but never got around to it, and you want to avoid paying property taxes in a remote location.

Whatever the case, here are the top tips to facilitate the sale and maximize the profits. 

Branch Out to Nearby States

If you’re going to market your property, think about reaching out to nearby states. Traveling across states is extremely common, particularly for individuals close to state borders. Land buyers in these states are likely to have at least a basic understanding of where your piece of land is located and might be interested in buying it. 

Furthermore, people often apply to neighboring states when looking for new jobs. These individuals will need a place to reside if they are recruited, and that might as well be your property.

Find Land Property Buyers Remotely

Finding potential buyers eager to buy your out-of-state property is relatively easy. You could hire a land firm that would handle all the legal issues so that you don’t have to. Additionally, you may use online and offline means to locate individuals looking to buy land. The land market is ready-made — there are plenty of investors who peruse classified advertisements daily in newspapers and online in search of properties to add to their portfolios. So, advertising your land to them could result in closing the sale quickly.

Consider posting listings on free-to-list websites. Try putting your property up for sale in nearby states. Spread out to other locations if something else is needed. Be patient — even though you might not hear back immediately, keep the listing live and periodically relist it so your land returns to the top of the list. 

Make sure to promote your land in the largest neighboring city, as a wider pool of possible buyers can be found there. After a few weeks, if you still haven’t heard back from anyone there, post the listing to another town.  

Do Your Research

Real estate rules vary from state to state. Still, generally speaking, it’s easy to sell to buyers outside your jurisdiction, especially if you’re working with a qualified land-buying company. Find one that will handle the essentials for you, like filing paperwork with the necessary county authorities.

But even if that’s the case, it certainly pays to be knowledgeable when trying to sell land on your own. Make sure you know the requirements for transferring the property to your buyer. Thankfully, some of this knowledge is accessible online, but it can still be challenging, especially for novices. You might have to deal with filing costs, notarizing documents, and other procedures.

Go on a Road Trip

Visit neighboring states anytime you can. Create a flyer with information about your property to post on notice boards and other public areas. Remember to create a digital version as well and upload it online. Don’t forget to market your property offline too. Check out land auctions and do some networking if you belong to clubs, charitable organizations, religious groups, or other entities with a local or national presence. Mention that you are selling land and hand out business cards with your contact information.   

Does It Make Sense to Sell to a Cash Buyer?

Selling land to experienced land investors like SimpleLandSelling is the quickest and simplest solution. As these investors make an all-cash offer, it’s the perfect choice for people who want to move swiftly and without the hassle that usually comes with fees, contracts, and other cumbersome paperwork. 

Additionally, since no lender is involved in a land cash sale, the appraisal requirement is waived, removing a significant barrier to selling. Instead, the land-buying business will carry out a digital land study and base its decision to make a cash offer on the results. The transaction is simple and fast. You don’t need to invest time in marketing or negotiating. The deed will be signed after a purchase agreement, and you’ll get your money.  

Final Thoughts

Selling land to SimpleLandSelling is your easiest long-distance option if you want to avoid the stress of haggling with several potential land purchasers and want to make money quickly. If you satisfy the “we buy land” requirements, you may sell your land property out of state as-is. Real estate agent fees, closing charges, and land listing expenditures won’t cost you a fortune. We can complete the transaction in a few days because the process is so easy.