What Is Considered a Good Lot Size?

Macro of various tape measures and rulers symbolizing what is considered a good lot size

Setting an asking price is one of the most challenging aspects of the land-selling process. If you have lots larger than the other ones in your neighborhood, you might be curious if you could sell them for a higher price. While a parcel of land may have a higher appraised value if it’s significantly larger than…

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How Do I Sell My Land Without a Realtor in Texas

A trail heads into the wild land in Texas

In the past few years, Texas has become a popular relocation spot. Every week, at least 3,800 people move into the Lone Star state. This is not a surprise given that there are no state taxes. Yet, there are vast properties for sale and more affordable housing prices than in other states. So if you’re…

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How to Sell a Large Piece of Land: 4 Easy Steps

Man Holding Mug in Front of Laptop searching how to sell a large piece of land

If you own a property that’s too difficult for you to maintain and secure, you might want to look for ways to sell it. If you are the land owner of the property, you are free to sell any portion of it as long as no legal restrictions prevent you from doing so.  However, if…

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5 Steps on How to Find a Property Parcel Number

Woman holding papers in hand trying to find out what is a parcel number

The county tax assessor or another local government body assigns a specific, multi-digit number to each parcel of land within a county or other local authority. Depending on where you’re located, tax officials may refer to it as a parcel number, a property index number, or an assessor’s parcel number. The number doesn’t form a…

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5 Tips on How to Sell Your Land Property Out of State

Pinned map of the United States of America when considering to sell your land property out of state

Selling land is rarely easy, but it certainly helps if you’re physically close by to coordinate repairs, approve paint colors, or drop by during your lunch break to check on things. However, if you’re trying to sell your land property out of state, you might not have that luxury. But, that doesn’t mean you should…

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How Do I Sell My Land in Florida? All You Need to Know

Florida landscape on a sunset by the ocean

It’s easy to understand why Florida is a popular relocation option. The state that borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico has an average of 237 sunny days a year, hundreds of sandy beaches, and excellent work prospects. As a result, people from all over the world are looking to buy a piece…

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