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by Marija Josifovska


Categories: Blog

by Marija Josifovska


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The Fourth of July is one of the biggest national holidays. You’re undoubtedly looking forward to hosting an epic party and spending time with your family. But, if you have a land for sale, you might need to roll up your sleeves and get to work on selling your land. Contrary to the popular opinion that real estate traffic is low during the holiday weekend, property sales have historically been high. It turns out the Fourth of July is just the perfect time to put your parcel of land on display and get cash fast. Sure, you might miss your family lunch, but you can finally go through with the sale and put some money in your pocket. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should skip this year’s fireworks and set out to close a land sale.   

The Joy of Long Weekends

Some public holidays are always being tacked onto the weekend. For example, Memorial Day is the last Monday of May and Labor Day is the first Monday of September. This inherently means prolonged time off. Luckily, this year’s Fourth of July is on a Monday too, which means people will be enjoying a four-day weekend. They will have more time to relax but also to search for land parcels online and put their time away from work to good use. Also, they will have more flexible schedules so they could go around and look for the ideal piece of land. More importantly, they will be able to come by and go around the plot, research whether it’s suitable for their needs, and negotiate a deal.

Quality Buyers 

Selling your land during the holiday weekend isn’t the craziest idea, especially considering that the quality of the prospective buyers increases significantly. People shopping for land for sale during the Fourth of July weekend are probably very motivated and ready to buy. If they are fine with skipping the BBQ and all the fun activities they can do to celebrate Independence Day, they are serious about finding the best tract of land.

You Can Leverage the Cheerful Spirit

Holidays are an amazing time for everyone and the Fourth of July is every American’s favorite day. Carnivals, baseball games, fairs, picnics, concerts, family reunions, and ceremonies uncover a newly appreciated praise of the nation’s heritage, history, and people. You can tap into these powerful emotions and use them to sell your vacant land. Emotion is a big part of any real estate transaction so try to align your property with a holiday motif to ensure it leaves a good first impression and increases your chances of making a deal.  

Travelers Might Be Thinking About a Move

Putting your land on the market during the holiday weekend might help you capture out-of-town buyers. For example, people visiting your town who’re shopping for land for sale might come across your property. Sometimes, people won’t be actively looking for property, but if they stumble upon your “For Sale” sign, they might fall in love and decide right then and there that your plot of land is the best investment.  

Great Opportunity for Showing your Land at Its Best

The Fourth of July weekend comes shortly after the official start of the summer. This means that the weather is fantastic, the sun shines bright, flowers are in full bloom, the trees are green, and the grass is lush. As a land seller, you want to show your property at its best, and summer is the perfect backdrop to make it look great for potential buyers. 

How to Pull Off a Fourth of July Land Sale?

Now that you know why you should be selling your land this Fourth of July, you need a few pointers to make the most out of it and get the deal you want. Here are the top three tips:

Cut the Land’s Price Before the Weekend 

Cutting the price before the weekend starts is a great strategy to capture potential buyers. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll be underselling your piece of property. Quite the contrary, you can use it as a ticket to a bidding war that will end up driving your land’s sales price up. Given that holidays are the peak time when people shop for properties, offering a holiday price cut will help boost interest in your raw land and collect as many offers as possible. In a seller’s market, you’ll be able to negotiate a higher final sale price.

Don’t Wait Until the Fourth of July to List Your Piece of Land for Sale

With Independence Day becoming a famous day in the real estate industry, you shouldn’t wait until the day itself to list your property. Instead, prepare a few weeks ahead of it. Prepare the raw land, enhance its curb appeal, and take high-quality pictures and drone footage for your listing. You can even add a few patriotic details in red, white and blue to add to the ambiance. Then have the listing go live several days ahead to gain local exposure before everyone is preoccupied with the weekend celebrations.

Selling Your Land to a Land Investor

If you want to sell your unimproved land during the holiday weekend but not miss out on the precious time you have for your friends and family, you can opt to sell it online to one of the “we buy land” companies. These companies offer cash for your land and handle everything through closing. So not only will you get the best deal, but these land investors will cover all title, escrow and closing costs. On top of that, you’ll be saving on contract assignments, real estate commissions, and listing fees.

Final Thoughts

The fact that you could sell your land this Fourth of July may come as a surprise as there’s a stigma that selling a property during the holidays isn’t a great idea. However, there are some plausible reasons why the holidays are, in fact, the perfect time to cut the best deal on your land. Hopefully, the pointers we’ve provided will help you get ahead of it and pull off a Fourth of July sale. And if you want a painless solution, you can always contact SimpleLandSelling and sell your land for cash!