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by Marija Josifovska


Categories: Uncategorized

by Marija Josifovska


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Fall Season


From the vividly colored trees and crisp air to the warm sweaters and enjoyable apple-picking, there are many things we’re looking forward to in the fall. Selling vacant land could also be one of them. Fall has its own specific advantages that make it the ideal time to sell land. Change and freshness are in the air, and many people are ready to embrace something new, like buying the perfect property to build the house they have always dreamt of.

Read on to learn the seven reasons why you should put your land for sale this fall season.

People Return to Their Routines

As we reach September, the season of vacationing and almost no responsibilities is officially ending. Most people are back from holidays, the children have returned to school, and everyone is returning to their regular routines. This return to routine might occasionally prompt a change in attention toward significant life choices, like becoming a property owner. Potential buyers might even organize their finances and conduct market research during the summer so they can start making bids in the fall.

Land Buyers Have Different Demands

The fall season is often the slowest for home sales. However, numerous factors that influence the seasonal market difference for selling homes don’t apply to parcels of land since home and land buyers have different demands and motives than home buyers. 

For example, families might try to complete a house purchase in the spring or summer to coordinate relocation with the start of the new school year. At the same time, some homebuyers might prefer to postpone moving during the chilly winter months. However, vacant land buyers don’t have the same scheduling or lifestyle requirements as those who are relocating to a new residence. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for the spring or summer; you can make a profitable deal this fall. 

Less Competition   

Likewise, land sellers frequently take their house for sale off the market over the holidays to avoid the inconvenience of scheduling showings while they are away or spending the holidays with friends and family. 

On the other hand, selling land doesn’t require holding open houses, organizing bedrooms for showings, or making other intrusions into your personal or family time related to home selling. That being said, some raw land sellers still favor the spring and summer months, so they’ll opt to deactivate their listings during the fall and winter, which lowers the amount of available inventory and improves the selling conditions.

Fall Is a High Season for Land Selling in Some States

In some areas across the country, fall is the perfect season to sell land. Specifically, fall is a busy time in temperate, coastal, and desert regions because the cooler weather makes site visits more desirable. The colder months are also when resort towns see their best-selling seasons as visitors fall in love with the fall scenery and start shopping for plots of land where they could build a vacation home. 

More Time for Enhancing the Aesthetic Appeal

If your plot of land needs some work to get it into optimal condition, fall is the best season to sell land. Give yourself the warm months to complete tasks like replacing the fence, grading the land where necessary, planting trees, and installing utilities. Take time with these tasks instead of rushing them to list the property. If you wait until fall and have good aesthetics, you might be able to sell the land for more money.

A Chance to Highlight the Beauty of Your Piece of Land

Some properties shine during the fall months. The beauty of fall colors can enhance the property’s appeal and make potential buyers fall in love with it. Also, the fall scenery can be a perfect backdrop for some great marketing photos. If your land contains a wooded area, bare trees would open up the views. Likewise, fewer leaves on trees can enhance the view of a waterfront parcel of land.  

Buyers Need to Prepare for the Upcoming Building Season  

Homebuilders, developers, and people looking for parcels of land for home or any other type of development will need to buy property in the fall to be ready for the spring building season. Market conditions continue to support consumers in buying plots of land and building their own houses going forward: interest rates are low, rental costs are rising, and consumer confidence is growing. And while recent increases in home prices have caused certain areas’ existing home sales to slow down, this has made new homes appear even more alluring and accessible to purchasers. 

Aspiring homebuilders are desperately searching to find lots and land for building new homes — 76% are reporting a shortage of lots for building new homes, indicating that demand will continue to increase for vacant lots and land for building new homes.

Real estate buyers often research and follow their target properties online for several months to find the right property, complete their due diligence and get financing and other matters for a closing, whether an individual buying a home lot or a developer buying land for a new project. Therefore, you need to put your property on the market now so prospective buyers looking for land to get ready for the upcoming building season can find it.

Final Thoughts

While there are numerous benefits to selling land in the fall, your decision to sell shouldn’t be based purely on the time of year or the weather. SimpleLandSelling offers you a unique opportunity to sell your undeveloped land quickly, at any time of the year. 

We’re always looking for vacant land properties to buy, and yours might be next! We purchase all plots of land outright without middlemen and the cash offer you get is the cash you’ll receive at the end of the sale process. You don’t have to pay for closing costs, listing fees, or escrow expenses. Contact us today, and we’ll get the land you no longer want out of your hands as soon as possible!