The Easiest Ways to Sell Your Land for Cash Money

African American woman counting money from selling land for cash money

  If you’ve decided you want to sell your vacant land, you’re probably looking for ways to complete the sale as easy as possible and move on. Consider taking a moment to request a cash offer, as that is one of the simplest ways to sell your land for cash money. Your land will be…

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Expert Checklist on How to Subdivide Land in 2022

View of subdivided land from above

The main reason landowners subdivide their land is to raise the value of their land and sell off a portion of it for a profit. For you as a landowner, a land subdivision is beneficial because it gives you more flexibility. By subdividing a property, you can decide to retain part of your land while…

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Why Fall Season Is the Best Time to Sell Land

Selling land in fall season

From the vividly colored trees and crisp air to the warm sweaters and enjoyable apple-picking, there are many things we’re looking forward to in the fall. Selling vacant land could also be one of them. Fall has its own specific advantages that make it the ideal time to sell land. Change and freshness are in the…

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Top 9 Advantages We Buy Land Sites Offer

woman's hands typing on lap top benefits of we buy land sites

The easiest and quickest way to sell a plot of land is through a we buy land website like SimpleLandSelling. You won’t need to hire a real estate agent; instead, the land investors assume the role of the realtor, evaluating your lot to determine a fair cash offer. You can choose to close at your…

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Helpful Labor Day Marketing Ideas to Sell Your Land 

American flag and crop unrecognizable person with pile of dollar from selling land on Labor day

Labor Day was created to celebrate workers and give them a day off. But if you’re looking to sell your land, you should know that it’s a fantastic chance to network and advertise your property while still having a good time. In addition, families frequently relocate during the summer, making it the ideal time to…

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Top 7 Benefits of Selling Land Privately

man walking his dog when selling land privately

A private land sale happens when the real estate isn’t advertised to agents and isn’t listed on the MLS. Sellers who sell their homes privately don’t use a real estate agent and are in charge of the entire land selling process. So, even though a private listing is unlikely to appear on the MLS and…

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Top 9 Reasons for Selling Your Vacant Land

man leaned on tree selling vacant land on his lap top

If you own a parcel of land but are unsure what to do with it, selling might be the answer. Maybe you bought the property several years ago intending to build a house, but life intervened, and your plans fell through. Or perhaps you own a ranch that you once rented out but is currently…

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